From Selfies to Landscapes – Which Types of Photos Get the Most Likes?


Instagram is a dynamic and versatile photo-sharing platform for people all over the world. The best part of Instagram is its balance between posting a random selfie and everything else, from food, landscapes, and pets to beauty, outfits, travel, etc. Are you having trouble getting more likes on your Instagram photos, even after publishing high-quality images? You are at the right place. Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or influencer, the importance of getting likes on photos on Instagram is crucial to enhance brand awareness, reach, visibility, and engagement. The number of likes a photo gets on Instagram not only depends on the quality but also on many other factors like content, niche, composition, relevance, timing, hashtags, caption and storytelling, and many more. On average, a human takes 8 seconds to interact or disconnect with the photo. Therefore, you just have 8 seconds to capture the interest and hook the viewers. In this blog, we will shed light on some of the most popular types of photos that get the most likes and skyrocket a profile’s engagement.


Selfies are the most common type of photo you can post on Instagram to get likes. They attract an immense number of Instagram likes, especially if they are well captured, visually appealing, in good lighting, and show an interesting part of your life. Even candid selfies that capture you in a natural and random state, like sipping a coffee, laughing with your friends, struggling to perform a task, etc., capture high likes. Moreover, selfies with engaging and unique backgrounds perform even better.

Still Life

As the name implies, still-life photography is the capture of inanimate objects organized in a visually pleasing composition. The objects can range from everyday things like fruits, household items, flowers, artifacts, thematic arrangements, etc., to brand products like the main project and its related objects following the central theme. In still-life photography, composition, lighting, subject matter, color and contrast, detail, and texture play an important role. Therefore, ensure that the image is well composed with a balanced distribution of all objects and the negative space, and the objects must evoke emotions and responses from viewers.


If you are a travel blogger, landscapes and nature photography are the best options for increasing likes. Capture beautiful pictures featuring stunning natural landscapes like majestic mountain ranges, pristine beaches, vast arid deserts, ancient sites, flower fields, beautiful waterfalls, night sky, stunning sunsets, lush forests and woodlands, narrow canyons and gorges, natural glaciers, and many more. Nature photos are something that captivate audiences of every taste and preference, which means they attract a high number of likes.


Photos featuring pets or animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., hook the viewer’s interest as their cute gestures and adorable behavior evoke emotions such as joy, happiness, cuteness, etc. Take close-up shots of your pets and capture their affectionate gestures, funny expressions, eye contact with the camera, playful antiques, unique behavior, etc., and showcase their distinct personality to your followers. To make pet content more engaging, you can add props, treats and toys like blankets, balls, laser light, bones, or anything that can encourage pets to play, run, or jump.


Food photography has been a trend and extremely popular since the inception of Instagram. People love to watch mouthwatering shots of well-presented dishes, aesthetically pleasing food, new recipes, traditional and international cuisines, etc., and often engage with such photos in the form of likes, comments, and saves. Capturing aesthetically pleasing food shots is simple – just get a decent camera, use red lighting, and ensure a correct white balance. Food bloggers can even license out their food photos as stock photography and earn a good passive income.


Artistic/Abstract photos are unique and extraordinary creative expressions and interpretations in which you can experiment with composition, color, and perspectives. These pictures push the boundaries of regular photography, create thought-provoking images, and attract a high number of likes. Rather than primary subject matter, it focuses on geometric forms, microscopic designs, repeating patterns, unique concepts, and ideas, etc., making it go beyond the realistic world. You can experiment with composition, angles, shapes and forms, light and shadow, color creativity, motion and blur, details and abstractions, and various exposures.

Behind the Scenes Takes

Behind the scenes allows your viewers to get a glimpse of the process of creating content, be it a movie, a video creation, a photo shoot, an event, a product manufacturing, a break time of employees, or anything else. Genuine and authentic BTS takes with creative storytelling attract a good number of likes and increase overall engagement. You can include BTS takes on various activities like director giving instructions, creators rehearsing their script, discussion of ideas, moments of problem solving and experimentation, term celebrating success, set decorations and costumes, etc.

Images with Quotes

Today, people love quotes, and images with quotes get a massive number of likes, comments, and shares on Instagram. When quotes are combined with the right images, color, font, graphics, captions, and hashtags, they become one of the most engaging content for Instagram. For example, motivational quotes combined with resonating images like nature scenes, people overcoming challenges, success symbols, metaphorical images, symbols of strength and resilience, achievement milestones, etc. You can share quotes on various topics like success, humanity, love, lifestyle, travel, business, wellness, spirituality, faith, positivity, etc.

Macro Photography

With the invention of high-quality cameras and features, the possibility of capturing images at a closer range has become possible. Macro Photography has been one of the biggest trends in recent years in the world of photography, allowing you to capture photos closely and show the intricate details of the subject matter. You can capture macro photos of things like insects, fruits, flowers, leaves, birds, water droplets, texture, fabric, surface, food, gemstones, currency, macro abstracts, etc. It shows details that are not visible to the naked human eye, making it one of the most engaging content on Instagram that brings more likes.


In conclusion, we can say that, from selfies to landscapes, there are an array of types of photos that get the most likes on Instagram. No matter if you are a seasoned influencer or a newbie, a brand or a blogger, a niche creator, or a general creator, these photo types can help everyone skyrocket their likes and engagement. However, Instagram is a competitive platform, so make sure to use other Instagram strategies also, like posting at the right time, using captivating captions, using the right hashtags, suitable audio, purchasing likes, collaborating with other brands, etc.

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