How Long Does It Take To Set up a Portable Classroom?

 Portable classrooms can provide extra space for educational purposes and can be used at all levels, from K-12 schools to colleges. Schools can use these classrooms to accommodate a growing number of students or as an alternative learning space during renovations. These classrooms are prefabricated modules that take less time to install than constructing a traditional classroom, making them an efficient and convenient choice. Here is more information about the installation process for portable classrooms:

Site Preparation

Site preparation involves preparing the foundation upon which the modular structure will be installed. If a suitable solid foundation is not readily available, the portable structure company helps build one. This step includes determining the specific requirements of the portable modular structure, such as the square footage. The site is cleared by removing trees and grass and eliminating any impeding underground infrastructure. The ground is then leveled and graded, and proper drainage is installed. Site preparation time can vary depending on the size and scope of the foundation work needed for the specific classroom design. The preparation for a standard classroom with a simple design typically requires less time, while a larger and more complex structure may take longer to prepare fully.

Delivery and Placement

Once the foundation is ready, the portable classrooms can be transported to the site and installed. The delivery and placement process is efficient and time-saving, as the classrooms are built off-site and transported entirely or mostly complete. Modular classrooms are often transported using heavy-duty trucks and trailers. The supplier will work with the school to coordinate the date and time of delivery, as this allows the school to make proper arrangements and facilitate safety. Delivering the modules during weekends and school breaks can minimize disruptions and reduce safety risks. Conducting a final safety check before the delivery date is also beneficial for confirming that the installation site is clear.

Utility Connections

After delivering and installing the module, the utilities are installed. This includes gas lines, electrical, and plumbing utilities. Some modular classrooms may also require an internet connection and other utilities that facilitate learning. These utility connections may require some time to install, depending on their complexity and utility hookup availability.

Interior Setup

Interior setup should begin soon after the utility connections are established. It involves installing A/V equipment used for presenting lectures. It may also include space design and installing learning equipment, study charts, and other learning materials. The time required for this step will depend on the overall classroom size and the complexity of the interior design.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are done to make sure the classroom is ready for learning, confirming that the installed structure fulfills all the initial design requirements. They may include cleaning, painting, and inspecting the classroom. If shade canopies or security features like outdoor lighting are required, the modular structure company can install them. This phase also involves adding any steps or ramps to satisfy building codes. The building company can complete the final touches quickly and efficiently to accommodate school start dates and other timelines. This fast turnaround time makes portable classrooms a suitable choice for addressing unexpected situations like extended renovations or enrollment surges.

Increase Educational Space With Portable Classrooms

Portable classrooms are developed using modular construction to facilitate easy movement of the modules between locations. Schools can use these modular classrooms to provide extra space during times of overcrowding or when beginning special programs like language immersion or vocational training. These versatile classrooms can also be customized to meet the unique needs of the school. Invest in a modular classroom today to increase your school’s learning space.

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