Inventory Management Tips for Wholesale Janitorial Supplies

Janitors need various disinfecting solutions and tools to effectively clean the buildings where they work. Keeping track of your inventory will allow you to perform your duties without delays from running out of supplies. Here are a few tips for managing your inventory of wholesale janitorial supplies:

List Supplies

Before you begin purchasing bulk inventory, determine what supplies are necessary for your janitorial duties. Write down how many rooms you will need to clean and what kinds of cleaning solutions and tools you’ll need to clean them properly. Calculate how many rags, mop heads, and dust cloths you will go through in one workday. Place your order with a reliable wholesale supplier and make sure you have enough of each product to last until your next shipment arrives. 

Stock Up

Purchase wholesale janitorial supplies from vendors that provide large quantities of cleaning items for backstock. Keeping a well-stocked inventory confirms that you won’t run out of needed supplies when cleaning. Running out of a certain cleaning product before your next shipment could result in greater replacement costs because you may need to travel to a store or ship a package overnight. Wholesale vendors offer a lower cost per unit, which will be less expensive over time. Find a wholesale vendor that provides quality multipurpose cloths and mop heads that will withstand the wear and tear from frequent washing.

Automate Orders

Some wholesalers may allow you to place automatic orders. This enables you to get a recurring delivery of necessary cleaning solutions or cloths every month or as often as you need them. Scheduled deliveries take away the burden of remembering to place replenishment orders. The vendor will keep track of the timing and ship out your janitorial items on the scheduled date.

Color Coordinate

Many wholesale vendors offer cleaning supplies in various colors. You can purchase microfiber dust cloths or cotton towels in black, red, yellow, and other colors. Color coordination can help you organize and locate items quickly. Use one color for cleaning bathrooms and another for cleaning desks and other surfaces. Organizing your supplies by color allows you to easily view how many cleaning products you use for specific tasks and restock appropriately.

Organize Products

Keeping your cleaning supplies well organized will help you identify what you have on hand at any point. You can organize products according to their purpose and have separate groups for disinfectants, acids, abrasives, and all-purpose cleaners. Another method of organization is to group items by which room they clean. Group bathroom cleaners, lunch and break room cleaners, and classroom or office cleaners together. Arranging the supplies will allow janitorial staff to quickly find items and replenish them when needed.

Conduct Audits

Perform regular audits of your wholesale janitorial inventory. This step will allow janitorial staff to see what products work best for cleaning and sanitizing. Some cleaners may be more effective than others, and staff members will reach for those products more often. This can be identified by a lower product stock at the end of the day, week, or month. If a specific cleaner is only used a few times a month, reduce how often you reorder that item. 

Estimate Demands

Seasonal changes may affect your wholesale janitorial inventory. Some products are used year-round, such as all-purpose cleaners. Other products, such as de-icers for windows or cleaners for muddy or snowy floors, are only necessary during the winter months. You may also use more disinfecting products during the cold and flu seasons. In the summertime, janitors will use products to combat heat and humidity and prevent mold and mildew growth in the buildings where they work.

Buy Wholesale Janitorial Supplies

Carefully tracking your janitorial team’s inventory use may help you save money and avoid unexpectedly running out of necessary products. Find a reputable wholesale vendor that sells cleaning solutions, cloths, mops, and more at competitive prices. These suppliers help you maintain and manage your inventory. Contact a vendor today to learn more about bulk orders and delivery scheduling.


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