Why should you switch in React Native For your next project?

When you start questioning the why, when, and how about React Native, it becomes pretty evident that its popularity news has spread across the globe. Why switch to React Native? From compatibility to well-performing technologies and sustainability, the open-source UI toolkit sets all the reasons to choose it for the next business production.

React Native is a JavaScript-developed and Facebook-oriented framework that can create apps for Android and iOS SDKs in the simplest and most complex app versions.

Building a simple MVP for a mobile app or complex that includes a camera, GPS, bottom tab navigator, or sensors, the switch to React Native app development is a boon.

Let’s thoroughly understand all the reasons for switching in React Native apps for your next project.

Overview of React Native Market Statistics

React Native is the second most adored popular mobile app development framework in the world valued at USD 188.9 billion globally in 2023 with over 95% of the top 100 grossing apps on iOS and Android being made in React Native framework.

For your information, businesses who have switched to Reach Native is more than 30 thousand. What’s more, is its total number of downloads which is 60 billion.

The recent React Native framework calculates to 6.09% of apps with 2.27% installs.

React Native app development is adopted by top brands such as Instagram, Netflix, Walmart, Microsoft 365, Amazon, Uber, and many others.

So that’s some of the most enticing React Native market statistics that urge businesses to switch in React Native development framework.

Let’s find the benefits of choosing React Native in the next segment.

Advantages of Switching In React Native App Development Framework

1. Trusted by Global Identities

As mentioned in the previous section, React Native is a very famous development toolkit among global brands. So, when such label businesses are trusting the technology, your business can at least give a fair chance too, isn’t it?

2. Seamlessly code once and use it anywhere

The best part about modern technology is that you can combine or find shortcuts to save time and resources for app development. Similarly, React Native app developers can leverage the platform’s code once, and deploy on any device solution.

All you need to do is construct the code for one platform and later use the same code for another platform with just a few tweaks and adjustments. How simple is that?

3. The Use of JavaScript as Its Core Development Language

We all know about JavaScript programming language. It’s the most preferred and easy-to-learn language for developers. Not just that, with the help of JavaScript mobile app developers can also maintain multiple platforms and share a common technology–React Native into your app’s code.

4. Growing With Time

Since 2013 Facebook introduced React in the market, developers have been drawn to its simplicity of using native components. And with time, it only grew further when 2015 came and React Native was released. Although new, React Native captured the attention of the development community and businesses across the globe.

5. Works Greatly Even On Web App

We already discussed the benefit of React Native’s single codebase. But did you know React Native has greatly improved its website development services as well? React Native for web apps is similar to mobile app development with just a few alterations in codes. So now you can create iOS, Android, and Web apps seamlessly, this makes the life of a developer easy and allows the bandwidth to explore deeper in a development environment.

However, like every framework has its flaws, React Native might also encounter a few limitations. But the best part is that the team of React Native developers is vigorously working on the drawbacks to make the platform effortless to use and sufficient to build a cross-platform application.

And why should you switch to React Native? We are sure the above-mentioned benefits are not enough for you to choose and hire a React Native app development company, isn’t it?

So here we will share some more insightful purposes of switching in React Native so that your business picks only the best.

Top Reasons To Switch In React Native For Business Development

From cost-effectiveness to compatibility, React Native has all the good reasons to be picked. Let’s explore them all:

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

You know it already, cross-platform app development means building iOSm Android, Web, and Desktop. React Native offers the same opportunities while also eliminating the need to maintain separate teams for each platform, significantly reducing the development time and cost.

2. Faster Time To Market

When all your apps are built quicker, it gives you valuable time to market the product much faster. All you need to do is expedite the app development process by reusing code components across platforms. Following this results in quicker iterations, faster updates, and ultimately, a shorter time to market.

3. Cost-Cutting Solution

Now that your code is reusable, that means you do not require a large team, big code accessories, or even additional services when using React Native app development.

This cost-saving aspect is particularly important for startups and small businesses that have limited resources and funds to spare.

4. Maintainability and Scalability

The best part about about React Native is its modular architecture which is flexible enough to maintain and support the app functionality over the period. You can seamlessly change and update the application more effectively, ensuring it remains relevant in a rapidly evolving market. What’s more, React Native’s large community and extensive ecosystem that includes a wealth of tools, resources, and support that gives the best maintenance and scalability solutions.

5. High-Quality Performance:

You must have this concern regarding the performance of the mobile application. Well, you are not alone! Even though React Native manages to develop cross-platform applications, it can still seamlessly result in effortless native-like performance due to its native component capacity. Businesses can build high-performing apps that are not only user-friendly but also boost user experience and retention.

That’s a Wrap

In this comprehensive blog post, we assembled all the trending statistics, benefits, and popular reasons resembling why startups and businesses must switch in the React Native framework for the betterment of their business while driving authentic ROI rates and user attention.

When so many top-class startups and established brands are drolling on the mobile app development toolkit, as a business owner, you must also consider the platform’s USP and plan upon choosing the right mobile app development company that excels.




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